Equmenopolis, Inc., Tokyo-based Conversational AI Agent R&D Company, Raises a Total of 450 Million Yen (Approx. $3.5 – 4M) in Seed Round

Equmenopolis, Inc. accelerates the development of a conversational AI agent platform that provides online representation for labor-intensive interpersonal service industries such as education, retail, medical, and counter services. We aim to realize a realistic conversational experience with AI evolving with humans.

Founded in May 2022 by a research group of the Perceptual Computing Laboratory at Waseda University, Equmenopolis, Inc. has received a third-party allocation of new shares from Beyond Next Ventures, Inc. (hereafter “BNV”). Additionally, the company was awarded technology-based start-up governmental fundings from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO; a related institution of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan) and National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT; a related institution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan). The total amount of funding is 450 million yen (approx. $3.5 – 4M),¬† including equity and grants.

We are developing a conversational AI agent platform to improve productivity and quality in education, retail, medical, and other labor-intensive interpersonal service industries. In 2023, the first product to fully utilize the platform will be an English conversation learning support service. The primal use of the funding will be:

  • Acceleration of platform development: To expand conversational AI agents’ conversational patterns and skills, and to realize realistic conversational experiences easily on any mobile device, including web browsers and VR/AR glasses.
  • Recruitment of researchers and engineers: To accelerate R&D, we will actively recruit researchers and engineers in the fields of dialogue systems, natural language processing, digital humans, parallel and distributed processing, virtualization, and other technologies as well as second language acquisition and applied linguistics. For more information, please visit our recruitment page (https://www.equ.ai/careers/).
  • Market expansion: All of our businesses will be sold domestically and overseas, starting with the release of our language learning support service in early 2023, with the aim of expanding into global markets beyond language barriers.


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