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Equmenopolis emerges at SXSW EDU


News Release

The Tokyo-based conversational AI start-up becomes a finalist at SXSW EDU Launch.

Equmenopolis Inc. (Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Yoichi Matsuyama, Ph.D) is the only East Asian company selected as a finalist in SXSW EDU Launch, a well-known EdTech startup pitch competition at SXSW (Austin, Texas, USA). 

Equmenopolis will introduce “LANGX,” a language learning service that helps people acquire English speaking skills through socially intelligent and interactive conversational AI technology.


(1) Authentic Conversations: Meet InteLLA (Intelligent Language Learning Assistant), a conversational AI agent and your English conversation partner. InteLLA reads both linguistic information from verbal responses, and non-verbal language, such as tone of voice and facial expressions. This combination creates smooth interactions closely mirroring human-human dialogue. (InteLLA runs on Equmenopolis’s conversational AI agent platform). 

(2) Dynamic Topic Adaption: To draw out a user’s full language potential, InteLLA personalizes conversations through adaptive topic selection and difficulty progression. This feature is weighed on the user’s English speaking abilities and comprehension and is achieved in real time (patent pending).  

(3) Human-expert Level Assessment: The English proficiency assessment model includes all interactive elements of conversation (voice, acoustics, speech, discourse and facial expressions), with the accuracy of evaluation approaching expert-level quality (latest research results will be published through international academic papers).

LANGX is divided into two parts, the first, “LANGX Speaking”, is an automated diagnostic speaking test that uses conversational agents (public release at SXSW EDU). The second, “LANGX Gym”, entails self-guided, bite-sized learning materials that are automatically generated based on the user’s language diagnosis of LANGX (public release in late 2023 or early 2024). 

About Equmenopolis

Equmenopolis helps people to learn, work, and enjoy themselves in the digitized society with socially-intelligent conversational AI technology.

Founded in May 2022 as a spin-out from an academic research group in Tokyo, Equmenopolis creates a highly interactive multi-purpose conversational AI agent platform and corresponding applications to support any aspects of work and education. 

Our team members possess expertise in spoken dialogue systems, natural language processing, machine learning, VR/AR, applied linguistics, architecture, and media art. More than half are doctoral degree holders. We come from diverse corners of the world,  including Japan, US, UK, Spain, France, Poland, Colombia and more.