Equmenopolis Updates

Equmenopolis landed on SXSW EDU Launch and EXPO to showcase the latest LANGX product



Equmenopolis pitched the latest LANGX to global educators and investors at SXSW EDU Launch, and exhibited a demo at EXPO in Austin, Texas.

Yoichi Matsuyama, CEO of Equmenopolis, pitched at SXSW EDU Launch

We introduce the LANGX – An Immersive Language Experience platform, where you are immersed in real-world simulations to demonstrate your language abilities through dynamic conversations with AI characters with different backgrounds and personalities.

When you enter the LANGX universe, your first step is to be interviewed by an AI character. It can adaptively change topics ranging from simple daily-life topics to complex social issues. While talking, AI dynamically assesses your ability, and gives you personalized responses. In case you don’t understand what the AI asked, it will rephrase or clarify the questions. After the interview, you will get your final score and suggestions on what to learn next.

We are very proud that our assessment model is more accurate than a group of human experts, which takes all the possible conversational features into account in our deep model.

We exhibited the new version of LANGX at SXSW EDU EXPO, and got attentions from educators and investors. Thank you for coming to our booth!

About Equmenopolis

Equmenopolis helps people to learn, work, and enjoy themselves in the digitized society with socially-intelligent conversational AI technology.

Founded in May 2022 as a spin-out from an academic research group in Tokyo, Equmenopolis creates a highly interactive multi-purpose conversational AI agent platform and corresponding applications to support any aspects of work and education. 

Our team members possess expertise in spoken dialogue systems, natural language processing, machine learning, VR/AR, applied linguistics, architecture, and media art. More than half are doctoral degree holders. We come from diverse corners of the world,  including Japan, US, UK, Spain, France, Poland, Colombia and more.