Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Equmenopolis’s Mission

Equmenopolis helps people to learn, work, and enjoy themselves in the digitized society with socially-intelligent conversational AI technology.

Founded in May 2022 as a spin-out from an academic research group in Tokyo, Equmenopolis creates a highly interactive multi-purpose conversational AI agent platform and corresponding applications to support any aspects of work and education. The first product is currently under development and is scheduled to launch in 2023. 

Our team is built upon diverse backgrounds, including spoken dialogue systems, natural language processing, machine learning, VR/AR, applied linguistics, architecture, and media art. More than half of our team members are doctoral degree holders. Our backgrounds include Japan, the US, France, Poland, Colombia and more. We seek to continue recruiting world-class researchers and engineers.

User Experience Matters

To truly satisfy our users through conversational experiences, Research Scientists Specialized in Natural Language Processing for Dialogue Systems at Equmenopolis lead our efforts in developing any aspects of multi-purpose conversational AI agents that can communicate and engage with humans through complex and long-term socially-intelligent conversational strategies.

Drawing on expertise from a variety of disciplines including deep learning, natural language processing, and dialog management, our Research Scientists are at the forefront of groundbreaking conversational AI agent research.

Key Responsibilities

Required Qualifications and Skills

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